5:30 PM Dvora Glow



The ballroom is about 90 feet long and currently has lights strung along the windows on both of the long walls.
Seating for about 200 people can be set up around the perimeter of the dance floor.


Lots of open space for dancing–that’s what the Ballroom is all about. The ballroom
currently has sparkling lights that replace the black curtains.


 A panoramic view of the ballroom before the black curtains came down and the lights went up.
The look is different, but it’s still 7200 square feet, the largest dance floor in the area.


There’s plenty of room to set up tables for a splendid buffet.


Festive decor is perfect for the holidays or any other time.


The Ballroom is decorated with balloons–a festive yet elegant look.


Decorations, swags, lights, projection, balloons and, of course, live music and plenty of dancing make this a night to be remembered.

Lights and sheer fabric add a glamorous and festive touch.

—— The Ballroom can seat up to 500 people.


Lights, drapes and raised seating add up to a stunning effect.

The Ballroom is ready for dinner and a fashion show with a raised runway.

The smaller ballroom opens into the main ballroom, but can be closed off as necessary.

The smaller ballroom is about 700 square feet and is ideal for lessons, practice and smaller groups.