Ballroom Dancing 101 & 102 – Learn to Dance

4:23 PM BR

 Ballroom Dancing 101, a Learn to Dance program for brand-new-to-dancing students

Learn to Dance Programs  

A unique “learn to dance” program, Ballroom Dancing 101 combines lessons with social dancing  practice

♦ Designed for people brand new to ballroom dancing ♦ Limited class size with individual attention ♦ Flexible scheduling ♦ No contracts to sign, no long term commitments ♦ No partner required
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Ballroom Dancing 101 – Sundays  8:00 – 8:45 pm  ($16) 45 minute lesson. Price includes both lesson and Sunday evening dance.  A new dance is taught every other week. Check calendar for details.

Ballroom Dancing 102 – Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm ($10) 60 minute lesson. Similar to Ballroom Dancing 101, but more in depth. The same dance is taught for one month. Check calendar for schedule of classes. Attend both Ballroom Dancing 102 and WCS 101 for $15

NEW!  Stay for the new West Coast Swing 101 class (Thursdays, 8:30 to 9:30 pm)
This class is $10.  Attend both Ballroom Dancing 102 and WCS 101 for only $15.


  We are pleased to have Amanda Stearns as the main instructor for the Ballroom Dancing 101 .  Amanda’s ability to make dancing fun and simple to learn is precisely what Ballroom Dancing 101 is all about.

 Amanda will be teaching both classes and is happy to have drop-ins from one class to the next. We know you will enjoy your classes with this very talented and very patient instructor.

Basic dances taught in this class will include waltz, fox trot, rumba, cha cha, hustle and East Coast swing, tango and salsa. Classes may also vary from time to time to incorporate the latest trends or class interest. As always, the latest details may be found on the calendar.

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